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Akruti Doshi is TechArk’s resident juggler (aka Project Manager), keeping all of our projects running on time. Thanks to her great communication and follow-up skills, our team is never in the dark on a project’s status. And, her balance of technical and strategic business skills mean she understands the how and the why behind everything we do. Here’s a little more on Akruti:

What's the most exciting part of being on the TechArk team?
I have been with TechArk right from its early days. Over the years, it has been amazing to see the company and the team grow. It has been a great learning experience for me working with Pratik and the other team members. What I like here is the learning and evolving which never stops. Every day in every project gives me an impetus to strive for the best.

Describe a favorite moment or project working here at TechArk.
I have been involved in many projects since I started working with TechArk, and it's difficult to choose a favorite one out of them. However, a recent project that i enjoyed working on was Amdocs, it had a tight deadline and we faced many challenges which were accomplished by the team on time.

What's your favorite place?
My favorite place in Mumbai is "Marine Drive". One can have an amazing view of the skyline, and it's an excellent location to witness the sunset in the evening.

Name your favorite app these days (besides our TechArk apps, of course).
One of my favorite app is "Inshorts". Its an amazing application which delivers news in less than 60 words, containing only the essential facts. I absolutely love It because it keeps me updated about the current affairs without wasting much of my time.

What's your loyalty—iOS, Android, or Windows?

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