Few solutions for a successful website

May 20, 2014

Websites allow you to share endless amount of information and connects millions of people. A properly knitted website can connect, generate leads and do eCommerce transactions also. Not all websites are smart enough to impress the targeted audience.

The buyers’ behavior has changed drastically since the last few years. The buyers love to be educated and entertained. They wish to have a delightful shopping experience on the websites.Once they find your website appealing and attractive, they would be tempted to buy your products or services. The developers and the business owners should understand the customers’ behavior and design an eye catchy website accordingly.

Let’s see, why websites fail?

Most of the websites fail because they do not understand the visitors’ needs. The visitors coming to your website may be visiting your business site for the first time or may be your repeated customer.
Both the visitors would be at a different stage of the buying cycle and hence, they should be treated differently. Your website should offer a personalized web experience to each visitor.

The second major reason for the failure of the websites is that they focus on “me” factor rather than focusing on the customers. You should understand that the main aim of the website is to attract the visitors and convert leads. Hence, the website should be designed keeping in mind the visitors’convenience and make sure that they have a delightful experience on your business site.

You can attract the potential buyers by offering some promotional discounts, offers, contests, etc.
This would improve the organic traffic to your website.

Adding a blog to your site can also drive targeted users to your website.

The business owners should not ignore the importance of mobile websites. If your website does not work well on mobile devices, it would create a bad impression on the visitors.

Too many colorful banners and ads can also spoil the image of your website. This is also one of the reasons why websites fail.

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