Right Out of a Sci-Fi Movie: The Internet of Things


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The Gift of Technology

TechArk has tech-savvy gift ideas for every type of technophile in your life, be it camper, artist, or neatfreak. Who’s on your Nice List?

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Happy TechArkiversary!

It’s our Anniversary! Don’t worry, you don’t have to get us a gift … we made one for you! Happy TechArkiversary Hampton Roads!

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Common misconceptions about Responsive Website Design

Everybody browses the internet everyday, on multiple different devices such as Macbook, iPad, Macbook Pro etc. But what really bothers is the website which aren’t optimized for the larger screen resolutions,or which take more time to load on mobile devices. We have accepted the concept of responsive designs, but there are some misconceptions about it.... Read more »

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