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Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Website

Ever get those pesky emails in your inbox offering a free website audit and ignored it? Us too. Despite the annoying clickbait emails, completing a website audit is actually extremely beneficial. A website audit is the first step in creating a website that is attractive to both your target audience and search engines. It can also help you understand how to better reach your customers and determine the site changes needed to improve your business’s online presence. Let’s identify the different types of audits, a few reasons why you should audit your website, and what to do after auditing your business’s website.

Website Audit

Types of Website Audits

Similar to a business audit, a website audit is checked against the ever-changing requirements of search engines to determine if your site meets the qualifications of a high-ranking site. All elements of your site will be audited and once finished you will have a complete analysis of the areas that need improvement to increase your site’s search visibility. Originally search engines primarily focused on content and keywords as ranking factors, but more recently they have included additional criteria such as user experience, page speed, and relevance. There are multiple types of website audits that can be done to measure your website for all the factors that are now taken into consideration by the search engines. Below is a list of these audits and what they used to measure.


Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Website

Now that you know the different types of website audits that can be performed, let’s discuss some common reasons why you should audit your website.

Your Website is Hard to Navigate

Your team spends enough time on your website to know where to find what they need, but your users might not be able to find it as easily. Features that might make your website hard to navigate include:


Your Website Takes Too Long to Load

The internet has caused users’ attention span to be shorter than ever before. If your website takes too long to load you are likely losing out on potential leads. Not to mention, Google also considers Page Load Speed as a factor in determining to rank for SEO. So a slow website loading speed could be causing your website to rank lower on Google.

Your Website Might Be Penalized by Search Engines

The search engine’s algorithms have become increasingly advanced. If your site utilized some older SEO techniques, they could actually be hurting your SEO ranking based on the new parameters.

If your website suffers from any of these issues, a website audit can help you determine the best way to fix these issues and improve your online visibility.

What Comes After a Website Audit

Once the audit is completed, you will receive a list of areas that need improvement and recommendations of updates that can be made to fix these discrepancies. Making the suggested updates can improve your SEO ranking and increase your online visibility to your target audience. Performing a full website audit once or twice per year will ensure your website is always utilizing the most up-to-date SEO tactics.

Can I conduct a website audit myself?

You can attempt to audit your own business’s website with the help of some tools available online, but of course, having a company that specializes in website audits will be the most accurate and more likely to make a large impact. TechArk Solutions is an award-winning web design agency that has helped hundreds of businesses throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond improve their online presence. Before reimagining your company’s website, we will complete a full website audit to an individualized strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs. If your business is considering a website redesign or needs help auditing your website, contact the experts at TechArk.

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