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Halloween 2016 Costume Contest with TechArk and Brand Fuel!

Woman in Halloween costumeThis Halloween TechArk and Brand Fuel teamed up to host an in-office costume contest and potluck lunch. Brand Fuel shares office space with TechArk so both groups coordinated the event and encouraged company-wide participation. When the clock struck Halloween, the labor of our efforts were hilarious and delicious. 

Back of man in Almond Joy costumeEmployees arrived Monday morning dressed up, costumes ranging from a pimp to Harry Potter, inciting non-stop laughter. The TechArk team consisted of a pimp, Scooby Doo, Brett Michaels, and Purge participants, while Brand Fuel boasted two fart bubbles, Harry Potter, various superheroes, and even candy bars. As the day progressed the potluck lunch was assembled and an assortment of food filled the kitchen. Cupcakes, egg-rolls, spinach dip, Halloween themed boiled eggs, and other edibles stretched as far as the eye could see.

Man dressed as Almond Joy During lunch a strobe light illuminated the room, displaying the Halloween decorations with rapid succession of colored light. Both teams were equally immersed in the festivities, enjoying the hilarious range of outfits while making easy work of the potluck spread. Soon came time to decide the winner or winners, so TechArk and Brand Fuel voted on their favorite costumes.

Unsurprisingly, the Brand Fuel “fart bubbles” took home the title. No one could deny the overwhelming hilarity their creativity provoked. As the event wound down, friendships had been formed, pictures taken and a successful conclusion to the lunch. The TechArk team had an amazing time and thanks Brand Fuel for their participation, and the wonderful experience!

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