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Seven years ago, we were deep into the age of the “Internet Social Network.” MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube were all capturing the essence of uploading “real life” onto the Internet and creating a community on the web. Myspace tested our psychology by demanding that we rank the top 8 most important people in our lives. Twitter birthed the “hashtag”, a social topic search, that connected us all. Facebook allowed us to upload almost every aspect of our lives to a single site (and connect with everyone we had EVER met), and YouTube gave us a platform to search and subscribe to videos from all over the world. This was a monumental time - being able to communicate dynamically with all your relationships anytime of the day was a brand new concept. Socializing had never been seen from this perspective.

Then, the next big thing happened - MOBILE.

With the launch of the App Store in 2008, a new perspective of communication began to arise. We began to socialize even more. We found new ways to share our lives, with the people that we knew and with people had never met. Instagram birthed the #selfie revolution. WhatsApp connected countries. Vine discovered the viral psychology behind short looping videos and Snapchat allowed us to remember that living in the present moment is all that matters; everything else disappears.

With that being said, what’s next for the technological development community?

Two very exciting things are happening right now in tech; Wearables and Virtual/Augmented Reality. Both have the capability to revolutionize the way we perceive the world around us and present plenty of opportunities for the mobile development community for new apps and platforms.

Wearables: Plenty of companies are getting their feet wet in the wearables department. What does this mean for app developers? Will there be mobile apps just for wearable devices? What would a mobile watch App Store be like? What could the possibilities be for mobile apps for watches? Something like a mobile wearable app that allows you to lock and unlock your car door would be much more effective and convenient than a phone app that does the same function, wouldn’t it? Perhaps the concept of “the chirp” will recycle and be revived via mobile wearable technology for a sort of James Bond feel? Workout apps would be much more effective on mobile watch technology, as well. With the direct connection to the wrist for your pulse, easier access and more accurate reading of your heart rate is readily available. What will be reinvented or discovered with this new avenue? And who will be the firsts to capitalize on the new market?

Virtual/Augmented Reality: We’ve been hearing a lot about this over the past year with everyday use of these technologies to begin integrating in early 2016. There are huge opportunities for new discoveries as far as application development are concerned. With the combination of sightand sound reaching a peripheral pivot, it is only right that the human mind begins to wonder how the recreation of reality can make “reality even easier. Productivity apps would be more effective on an augmented reality platform. Imagine being able to write your to-do list, just like you can on any standard mobile app, but holographically, with the list being projected right onto your work desk. A simple idea suddenly has a new feeling. Imagine a new need for travel apps that allow you to truly experience a foreign country before even booking the trip. Virtual tours could become a new necessity for every salon, nightclub, coffee shop, museum, and hotel. The possibilities are endless.

As technology allows us to discover new dimensions of our human capacities, the app industry will continue to expand. Over the next two years, the industry will take a turn that none of us can truly anticipate.

We can only imagine.

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