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Building a footer is kind of a task which seems easy, negligible, and sometimes it can be left to chance.
Footers are seen by much lower percentage of people than the stuff above the fold. Also, they have rarely anything else rather than repeat the information that can be found elsewhere in the whole site. And lastly, footer links have the lowest click through rates of all links.

But despite all these things footers matters because footer is where you can connect more with your viewers. If you are going to design a site, ask yourself questions like: Does my footer builds trust with my site’s visitors by providing them a clear path to get help and contact us? Does my footer engage visitors with quality content etc.

The following points might help you in making your site’s footer awesome thereby getting you more CTR:

1) Providing valuable links to navigate your site: Its really hard to imagine footer without some of the important links like:
• Contact Us
• About
• Home
• Blog
Remove the unnecessary links from the footer. Always think about what your users want to see not what the search engines want.

2) Introduce Hierarchy: Group valuable links into easily identifiable categories which will help your users to understand the links in the footer. Introducing hierarchy is one of the key factors which will make the footer usable and understandable as your header.

3) Using the white space and good typography: After organizing your links, you need to work on utilizing the white space. Making a footer which can’t be read by people easily is of no use. Using good typography and varying the size, weight and letter spacing will improve the clarity of links in the footer.Using plenty of white spaces helps to separate different pieces of content. It will also help people to easily identify the boundaries.

4) Engaging people: It’s very important and advantageous for designers to find ways to engage people using social networks. Providing users one –click access to valuable information on your social feeds will provide means to re-engage them even when they’re not active on your site.

We often fail to notice the importance of footer. We should ask ourselves how can we design the footer that will meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Always come up with some great ideas or contents which sparks your customers interest in what you offer , and thus provide them a clear path to help them.

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