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At TechArk, we work as a team.

Much like an assembly line, projects move smoothly from strategy to design, from there to development and on to marketing (then sometimes back to dev for hosting). Everyone has a job, a role, and if one step is skipped then the bottom line is affected. Nowhere is this quite so apparent as content, also ironically, the most-oft skipped step in any B2B project.

Today, our content strategist (hiii) is going to spell it out: Content IS Marketing.

Copywriting and Graphic Design for Websites, Apps, and Software

Person typing on keyword in front of laptop

TechArk employs a full-time graphic design team to design websites, mobile and web apps, and more.

Recently, we’ve stepped up the quality of the mockups and preliminary designs we present to clients, because we’re including the copy that will be included. When customers can feel the full impact of the design, and visualize precisely how it will look when live, approvals come much easier for all.

The best graphic designers know that the best work stems from collaboration with their copywriters. By working together, the two teams can ensure a design that is smart and beautiful, with fewer revisions.

Copywriting and Software Development for B2B Websites and Apps

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When developing a website, app, or any other digital business solution, TechArk’s full-service digital development team uses technology to improve and streamline the way your business operates.

Content serves a role in this phase as well, by providing the organization, hierarchy, and site structure. A copywriter or content strategist will review all existing text and copy and revise as needed.

A professional content copywriter can even restructure your content and menu, presenting the most important and compelling information front and center for your customers to find it quickly.

Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM)

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It’s almost difficult to distinguish where SEO ends and copywriting begins, so intertwined are these two digital marketing services. SEO relies heavily on content to inform search engines (like Google) of what your website is all about.

Beyond the highly-important copy on the homepage and critical copy on each internal page (services, catalog, company history, etc.), search engines are also looking at how frequently the site content is updated. Are you posting blogs? Are you updating specials? Have you hired a professional copywriter yet? We’re ready when you are.

Copywriting and Digital Marketing (Strategy, Search, Social Media)

TechArk content strategist
Our content strategist, writing something brilliant.

Your digital marketing budget is wasted if you haven’t put any thought into your ad copy.

While SEO copywriting speaks mostly to robots and is therefore a different style of writing, SEM ad content speaks to humans—humans who may become customers.

Don’t speak to your customers like they’re robots. They won’t like it.

From the ads themselves (whether on search, social, or directories like Yelp!) to the landing pages they lead to, you need a professional copywriter with experience in the advertising and digital marketing industry to see results.

Did we mention the importance of blogging?

Check out some of our other posts here for TechArk, and notice the frequency. We post every. single. week. Why? Because we know Google’s watching, and we hope our customers are finding value in the content we create for them.

We're here for you.

For more information on how marketing content and professional copywriting services can help your business, get in touch with Team TechArk! Our content strategist is more than qualified (and in good standing with the design, development, and marketing teams) so you know you’re getting quality content services for your cost.

Silly robots. Copywriting is for humans! Learn how to put words to work for you.

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