An Unusually Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide


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Top Tools or Platforms for creating appealing Websites

Looking for a website builder? Well there are multitude to choose from. Initially you might be looking for a website builder that can create your website in the latest version of HTML, HTML5. Secondly you might look for al tool that simplifies the process of web designing and enables you to create a great website... Read more »

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#TeamTechArk: Meet Akruti Doshi

Akruti Doshi is TechArk’s resident juggler (aka Project Manager), keeping all of our projects running on time. Thanks to her great communication and follow-up skills, our team is never in the dark on a project’s status. And, her balance of technical and strategic business skills mean she understands the how and the why behind everything... Read more »

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Offline marketing – Why should businesses use it?

It seems that everyone is obsessed with online marketing and sometimes, people forget the importance of offline marketing. A lot of organizations have shifted their attention to online marketing. In order to make your business succeed, it is important to use a mix of offline and online marketing tactics. Print advertising: Being one of the... Read more »

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