5 reasons why apps are uninstalled by the users

Mar 06, 2014

There are several reasons why a person may install a mobile application. Amazing features, excellent functionality and smooth user experience are just a few among them. On the contrary, there can be various reasons why users uninstall an app.

Here are some common reasons why the users uninstall the apps:

1.The app freezes:
Sluggish performance can make the user lose interest and there are chances that the app is uninstalled from the user’s device. According to a recent survey, the user tries only once or twice and if the app freezes, he uninstalls the app. Hence, it is important to test the mobile app to ensure that there are no bugs and it works properly.

2.It does not deliver as promised:
It is important to use the right words in the app description. Moreover, the app should be enjoyable and easy to use. It should have a simple user interface. If the users find it difficult to access the key features, there are chances that the user uninstalls the app.

3.The app collects personal information without consent:
Almost all the app users are uncomfortable sharing their personal information. If the application requires excessive permissions, the users would uninstall the app. It is not a good idea to develop an app that collects the users’ personal data and social credentials.

4.App is not optimized for their devices:
In today’s competitive world, it is important for your app to be optimized for smart phones and tablets. The app should be compatible with all the screen resolutions. If the users find it difficult to access the app, they are likely to uninstall the app.

5.Too many advertisements:
It is a good idea to generate revenue from apps, but doing it at the cost of user experience is a complete no-no. The users might get frustrated if there are too many ads and they would uninstall the app.

If you’re planning to develop a mobile app, keep in mind the above mentioned points. After all, your app should be in the users’ device for a long time!

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