5 Questions to Choose an App Design Company

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Everyone has, at some point in the last two-five-ten years, had a brilliant idea for an app.

But did you do it, though?

At TechArk we build apps for the few, the courageous, the innovative. Our professional app development services are our bread and butter, our calling card, our specialty. When great minds conceive incredible concepts, it takes a team of equally great minds to bring those concepts to life.

Remember: friends, neighbors, and freelancers can be unpredictable. You just never know when a soccer game, sick relative, or bigger project might come along and derail the whole thing. In the long run, you’ll be glad you obtained funding and chose the professional route.

Speaking of, here’s a link to a local nonprofit that helps startups get off the ground with funding.

Questions to ask when selecting an app development company

1. Do I need a full-service end-to-end app development agency?

Determine what your needs are before you start making any calls. A full service agency will take care of strategy, copywriting, design, development, deployment to the App Store or Google Play, and may even offer ongoing maintenance. It’s important to know how involved in your business you want your app developer to be moving forward.

2. Do app development agencies ever partner up and work together?

Yes! Many agencies excel at their specialty services and then partner with other agencies to provide additional services to a customer. It’s a win-win-win, because the customer gets the best possible results and both agencies get a slice of the pie.

For example, if you’ve just absolutely fallen in love with this darling local award-winning app development company (are we being too subtle?) but need services they don’t offer in-house (such as animation or videography) ask if they recommend any vendors.

3. How long does an app take to develop?

Every app is different, and depending on the complexity the timeline can vary greatly. As excited as you may be to see your brainchild alive and thriving as a little icon on your phone, slow down and remember that just like wine, the good stuff takes time.

Many agencies will present a short timeline to impress you, and rush the project through quickly—but fall into this “efficiency” trap and you’ll regret it down the road when your app breaks or fails to capture leads.

Thoughtful design, detailed development, and thorough testing all require time. The more rushed your agency team is, the more corners will be cut. Ask about timelines when interviewing agencies, and don’t be afraid to request a longer one if it all seems a little too good to be true.

4. How do I know whether a company’s apps are any good?

Always do your homework when commissioning a service. Check out the app development company’s portfolio and reviews on Facebook and Google. Anyone can claim to be the best, but the people speak the truth.

5. How do I get started?

Once you’ve selected a winner, get in touch (if you haven’t already) and schedule a meeting with your favorite local techheads. We sincerely hope that’s us!

You’ve got questions and ideas, we’ve got answers and solutions. Get over here, let’s chat.

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