Day 11: Top Business Mobile Apps

Slack (communication): Instant messaging, can organize team conversations into public or private groups. Easy to drag, drop, and share images, and PDF’s.

Clear (time management): Easy organization, create and manage separate lists and schedules effortlessly, and swipe off-screen when completed. Can be synced on any Apple device

Paypal (payment): Convenient, can link credit, debit, and other banks in your account. Easy to pay others and accessible on all devices.

Evernote (organization): Syncing notes between mobile and desktop devices. Can access notes when you’re offline and save emails on the app.

Dropbox (file sharing): Store and share files on the cloud. Great for photography and video for marketing.

Mailchimp (email marketing): Build and manage your mailing lists, create and newsletters with ease. Build custom email templates and manage performance

Basecamp (project management): Interface streamlined, easy to invite collaborators, discuss within projects, attach files, create checklists, and record progress.

Canva (graphic design): Easy to create interesting graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, posters, presentations, and blogs.

Skype for Business (communication): Great for meetings, can allow up to 250 people. Integrated with Microsoft Office, chat, file transfer, and more.

Hootsuite (social media scheduling): Share and schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn from one convenient location.

Expensify (expenses): Expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Easy to scan receipts, time saver for those sick of using spreadsheets.


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Over the course of 12 days, we’ll be sharing our top tech tips, tools, and tricks of the trade.

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