Which Came First: Design or Content?

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In the web & software development world, very little matters more than UX. The irony of this is that UX has very little to do with development—it’s a critical element of web design.

What is UX?

We talk about UX & UI frequently here at TechArk, and most people use the terms interchangeably. User Experience (UX) design refers to the overall experience that a visitor to a website has; whether they found what they were looking for easily, and whether those things functioned properly.

What is UI?

User Interface (UI) design is very similar to UI but refers specifically to the appearance of a website, app, or other digital interface—the part you with which you interact. It’s a negligible distinction, but we’d be remiss for not making it.

Graphic Design & Content Development

If software development is laying the structural foundation, then graphic design is adding the walls and content developing is arranging the furniture. At TechArk, we don’t start building until we have a blueprint … excuse us, a wireframe followed by detailed mockups.

This is where it gets tricky.

Person with pen drawing flower in notebook

Design is informed by content. User-friendly design takes into consideration the content; the tone of voice, the length of the copy, the potential for including imagery or videos, and of course, the message itself. 

Content is informed by design. Strategic copy is tailored to the look and feel of the brand; the colors used, the typography selected, the unique branding elements, and of course, the overall aesthetic of the website.

So, which one comes first? Neither. Both. It’s hard to say.

Person on laptop drawing in notebookA difficult question to answer, because there is no right or wrong answer. The best option is for a designer and writer to work together during the initial phases of a project, resulting in mock-ups complete with accurate copy (instead of dummy text) and the absolute most user-friendly experience possible.

With both parties considering the ease of use for website visitors, the design will be intuitively laid out and the content will flow smoothly, both working in tandem to guide users through the website (and hopefully to convert).

Looking to design, build, and fill with content a website, app, or other innovative digital solution? Not just a pretty face or a charismatic pitch, TechArk’s got the skills, experience, and UX know-how to deliver a dynamic digital dojo that will act as face and voice for your business.

Put your website to work, with TechArk.

Bulk up your brand with content informed by design and design informed by content.

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