We Are Technology Architects

Jun 05, 2017

At TechArk we like to think of ourselves as Technology Architects, designing and building digital solutions for modern businesses. As a mixture of software engineers, graphic designers, and marketing creatives, we have a deep appreciation for how diverse elements can work together to achieve a common goal.

A great design provides the blueprint for strong development, serving as the framework for content, social media, and all kinds of digital marketing. The process is cyclical, each step dependent on the one before, and the one to follow. This interconnection is what fascinates, inspires, and drives us to always keep growing and learning.

We share a similar philosophy with architects. Their processes are not so different from ours, although their product is a physical deliverable, whereas ours is intangible and digital.

Just as a builder prefers to ‘measure twice, cut once,’ we at TechArk prefer to design twice, develop once. Our graphic designers utilize technology to create the labyrinth of information and visual elements that will be your website, app, or marketing campaign. Once they’ve finalized the blueprint, it is passed to our development team, who pick up their digital tools and begin construction.

When the maze of website, app, or marketing asset has been completed, our marketing team takes on the role of realtor, showing off the final product. Our work is done on commission, which means that instead of hosting open houses, our product is made to order, custom-tailored to each client.

Just as we commissioned our own work space to revolve around our company culture, values, and needs, we design and develop custom digital experiences to suit the brand, goals, and personalities of our clients’ businesses. When you need an architect, we know a great one. When you need a website, mobile app, or digital marketing strategy, we are ready.

Let TechArk help you REIMAGINE your business with a custom creative digital solution. We can’t wait to get started.

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