Top Ways to Manage Inventory with the Right Software

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While the bulk of commerce still takes place within the walls of brick-and-mortar establishments, the fact that 76% of adults reported that they shopped online in 2019 shows that e-commerce will continue to evolve into a driving force in the modern economy. Regardless of the platform through which a company sells its products, however, the tenants of successful business management remain the same, and chief amongst these tenants is effective inventory management. Just as with physical storefronts, it’s crucial for web-based businesses to track sales, manage inventory levels, and use historical data to create effective forecasting of business and future inventory needs. 

Accomplishing this is no simple task, and is commonly accomplished through the use of an inventory management software product. If you’re not well versed in using such software,  however, you may not know how to maximize its utility. This is where a partnership with the right software maintenance services, like the experienced team at TechArk, comes in handy. Follow along as we show how inventory software leverages cloud data and automation to maximize efficiency in your online retail operation. 

Leveraging Cloud Storage For Effective Forecasting

Properly deployed, your website will generate massive amounts of user data, including purchasing behaviors and sales information. A cloud storage solution paired with the inventory management system will provide a treasure-trove of data that can constantly be called upon via reporting interfaces. Why care about ensuring all of this data is being tracked and remains readily accessible? Because without forecast data and sales trends, business managers would be hard-pressed to place accurate replenishment orders, forecast sales, or determine future budgets. All of these tools can be integrated into a custom inventory management tool built by the TechArk team especially for your online business to ensure integration with the systems that you have in place on the backend for replenishment and ordering. 

Automation At All Levels

Human error is one of the primary sources of loss and waste when it comes to inventory management. Even with the level of technology available, warehouses and retail operations often still rely on manual ordering and inventories to manage on-hand product levels. However, in conjunction with the data integration discussed above, inventory management software can support automation across most tasks that previously took up valuable time from managers. For example, trends over the course of a week’s sales through the website can be used to generate an order that can then automatically be submitted to your suppliers. The financial aspects of inventory management, such as invoicing and accounts payable, can be automated as well through integration with your organization’s accounting software. When it comes to inventory levels, minimal user input from management using electronic devices tied to your inventory software validates the inventory levels tracked by the automated system and corrects the baseline for on-hand levels and ordering. 

Trusting TechArk With Your Inventory Management Needs

Inventory management is more than just making sure you have enough product to meet consumer demand for your product, especially when dealing with the unique challenges of managing an e-commerce storefront. Partner with our team at TechArk to tackle these challenges head-on. Through a unique customized software solution we build in partnership with your team, we can help you improve how you capture your sales data, leverage cloud storage to improve future business forecasts and facilitate automation across all systems in order to streamline your operation and maximize the efficiency of your website’s inventory systems. 

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