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These days, it seems like there’s an app for just about everything. Need a ride? There’s an app for that. Hear a song but can’t recall the name? There’s an app for that. Looking to meet someone special? There’s an app for that.

Even amid the tidal wave of mobile innovations and updates, there are a few holdouts. These select few apps stand alone, impervious to the ceaseless beating of the waves of advancements and the winds of change. Somehow, they remain, withstanding the test of time and the flightiness of trends. Let's take a look at this magical apps, and their great success.

Angry Birds

On the surface, this game could not sound more ridiculous or pointless. The player uses a slingshot to launch birds at houses, with the goal of destroying them. A few years ago, this concept would have been met with blank stares. But today, the game has over 50 million downloads, spin-off iterations, a movie, and an account on every social media platform known to humankind. To top it all off and really blow your mind: research shows that the game is played roughly 200 million minutes a day, around the world.

The User Interface (UI) of Angry Birds is exceptionally well-thought out, largely due to its simplicity and ease of use. Players can instantly grasp the gist of the game, and learn more the longer they play. This type of interface invites you in, teaches you the rules, then tweaks the rules ever so slightly throughout the game, adding a sense of mystery to keep players engaged. Lastly, every detail of the game is carefully considered, from the appearance of the characters, the speed at which the birds fly through the air, and the sound effect each action makes, to elicit an instinctive reaction in the minds of players.

Whether satisfying, entertaining, or rewarding, each visual and verbal element work together to get users totally hooked, ensuring continual use of the app. Well done, for a bunch of emotionally-challenged birds!


It’s been said before, the more connected we are, the more distant we become. Even though we can contact friends and family from worlds apart, sometimes our technology gets in the way - as it evolves, it can also become exclusive. When the messaging playing field got too crowded, WhatsApp made its debut appearance as the one way to make the most of all the various new forms of communication (voice, video, text), and made it all possible using internet connections.

whatsappWhatsApp was a great idea to begin with, but a few select action items on the part of the company really sent them over the edge.

The first thing WhatsApp did to set itself apart is focus first and foremost on having a really great quality product. The app is solid functionality-wise, and the company is always making improvements in order to keep it relevant and useful. In its early days, WhatsApp was innovative not for adding cute emojis or special effects, but for being simple, efficient, and easy to use. This functionality was steady and consistent across multiple platforms, making it even more reliable for everyday use. Finally, they marketed smart (patent pending: smarketing).

By using organic (unpaid) social media and tagging major players like Mark Zuckerberg in their posts, they increased their exposure and brand awareness exponentially - and it didn’t cost a dime!


The rise of Instagram is legendary, spoken of in marketing circles with hushed tones and stunned expressions. From zero to hero, in a record-breaking timespan of just a few years, the photo sharing app now has an estimated 700 million users worldwide as of 2017. Of course, a big part of that is the psychology of beautiful imagery. Who wouldn’t want to scroll past photo after photo of gorgeous landscapes, meals, and people?

Old School InstaBeyond that, there are a few other things Instagram has done which resulted in their sweeping victory over the social media world.

By taking the simple concept of photo sharing and making it better with filters, Instagram made selfies even more fun. Any photo can be perfect with a quick tap of the finger - simple, but very, very effective. And just as quickly as you can snap a selfie, punch up the color with your favorite filter, and share it with your friends, you can also add hashtags to perfectly sum up your photo and show it to others who post similar content.

So quick, so instantaneous, so brilliantly executed - we never stood a chance against the niche market that Instagram so totally captured.

In Conclusion

When you study the success stories, patterns begin to emerge. It doesn’t take much to send a product to triumph, just a few key plays: a great idea with a thoughtful design, clever marketing, and strategic use of social media. At TechArk, we strive to emulate these successes in each and every one of our products, whether web or mobile app, website, or cloud-based digital solution.

Quality, consideration, and care are what truly set us (as well as our work) apart from the competition, and we hope you’ll think of us the next time you need to build an app, design a website, develop a custom digital solution, or market your services.

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