The Four Faces of Digital Marketing

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At TechArk, we are known for our award-winning website designs, mobile apps, and software development capabilities. What a lot of folks may not realize is that we also have a rockstar in-house digital marketing team.


experienced digital marketer

Experienced Strategist in her natural habitat.

Strategy is the first step in any project as it’s impossible to meet goals you haven’t set, and it’s folly to try and market a client you don’t know inside-out. That’s why we employ a Strategy document during our kickoff meetings with new clients, to learn where your business has been, where it’s going, and where you’d like it to be in five, ten, and twenty years.

Once we understand who you are, what you do, and who you do it for, we can begin crafting assets that accurately portray you, in a way that attracts prospective customers. Goals inform tactics, which become action items. Strategy informs all other steps.

Because without a roadmap to success, you’ll never get there. Let TechArk be your digital marketing sherpa.


Content Specialist at ease.

Good looks will only get you so far. For a website, app, or other digital solution to be considered the total package, it’s got to walk the walk & talk the talk. TechArk’s content strategist is experienced when it comes to slipping on the persona of a brand and speaking the language of its customers—and Google.

Content does more than explain services, increase site ranking, or even introduce a business. Good, quality, consistent content forges a relationship with the reader, who begins to feel familiar with the voice. If a friend’s voice suddenly shifted to speak with an accent, or use slang where they didn’t before, wouldn’t you notice? It would be strange, to say the least.

Keep your messaging consistent with our professional copywriter, and start building relationships with your customers today.


Social Media Expert seeks caffeination.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn—a lot of business is conducted on these platforms every day, and it’s not as easy as it looks. Many people think that if they have a personal social media account, they know all they need to run a business account. This is false.

Organic (free) posting is only a small part of this ever-shifting puzzle. Detailed targeting, carefully crafted messaging, and strategic imagery all play crucial roles in complex paid social ads. Quality is critical, as browsers these days have learned to associate bad imagery and unclear messaging with online scams (and you don’t want that connotation for your business). Users today are also accustomed to being marketed to nonstop. Your ads must stand out and make a positive impression.

Invest in social and reach a broader audience of high-quality leads, with TechArk’s social media expert.


Search Analyst in the wild.

When we have questions, desires, or needs, we Google. We Google so often and so hard that it’s become a verb. That’s why TechArk employs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialists. Our customers want to be found via search, and we can help.

There are lots of little tweaks our SEO team can implement on a website to help it rank well organically. While effective, these little tweaks are not quick. If you are going this route, be prepared to wait for several months before you see any results.

If you need to start spreading awareness or attracting new business immediately, then a paid Search Engine Marketing campaign is for you. Our teams work together on these, utilizing graphic designers for the imagery, copywriters for the messaging, and search analysts for placement, targeting, and monitoring.

We watch and report back, making adjustments as needed, to improve performance. Rule the rankings, with TechArk’s SEO team.

In Conclusion ...

TechArk’s digital marketing team is comprised of four powerhouse digital dynamos, with the support of the entire TechArk team. Although our superpowers are majestic on their own, they are truly stunning when united in battle.

From the formation of the initial strategic plan, to the development or adopting of the brand voice, to the social media presence and engagement with customers, to the search engine efforts, digital marketing provides reach, insight, and 100% measurable results. Never before in the history of business, advertising, or technology has such a thing been possible.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage?

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