The Evolution of Reimagine

We've got Big News.

Anyone who follows TechArk on social (and who wouldn’t?) knows that we are constantly innovating, challenging ourselves, and striving to make a difference.

Today we’re expanding our brand, and we’re really excited to tell you all about it.

TechArk team meeting


It’s a word that’s resonated with us for a long time. The center of brainstorms and water cooler chats, we wanted to find a way to visually represent the concept of reimagine for our friends, neighbors, and clients.

TechArk reimagine your business

We’ve built an entire campaign to show what we’re capable of.

Not a single pixel of alignment was spared our art director’s scrutiny, not a single comma was overlooked, nor an ad score rating ignored. 

We’ve put our All into this, and we’re so very proud to share it with you—visually, by illustrating the entire process from conception to execution.

TechArk reimagine your business

Reimagine TechArk

It all started with the color Pink.

Our team has always affectionately referred to hex code #1dbee6 as “TechArk Blue,” but we realize that a good brand is not afraid to mix it up a little.
TechArk reimagine your business
Our designers splashed around a few hues before everyone agreed on pink as the perfect contrast, quickly followed by orange and yellow for a bright, happy effect.

First we simply rendered our logo against a pink background as seen in the image above.

Next we got a little more bold, thinking of digital “pins” we could affix to any graphic, post, or blog pertaining to the Reimagine concept.

Finally, we settled on a transparent overlay we could apply to any graphic:

TechArk reimagine your business

Why the paper airplane?

A paper airplane is synonymous with innovation and communication, and we build websites and provide tools to foster transparency. Simple, straightforward, and fun, we felt that a paper airplane perfectly captured our communication style.
When somebody suggested it at our first brainstorm, the room got chills.
TechArk reimagine paper planes
Simple, efficient, and delightful as a paper airplane: We’ll completely rethink your business model, website design or app development, and marketing strategy for the better.

The Idea: Reimagine your Team. Reimagine your Growth.

We’ve experienced a huge growth spurt over the past year and it’s given us new insights into many of the pain points other small (and large) businesses are experiencing. It can be hard to scale a business, even harder to grow and build a solid team. You’ll be amazed what Team TechArk can do for you with the right technology to foster clear communication and efficient workflows.

Three women and a man in meeting

The Message: Reimagine your Weekends. Reimagine your Strategy.

We believe in work/life balance (for our clients) and want to help them enjoy the nights, weekends, and holidays again. That’s why we crafted thoughtful copy and strategic imagery for display search ads, social media carousels, and social media profile graphics, as well as designing and developing four unique landing pages for this campaign.

People applauding and excited woman

Everyone can claim expertise, but at TechArk we are pleasant and easy to work with.

Companies may exist to turn a profit, but they’re made up of people, and ours are awesome—and passionate about solving YOUR problems. Besides the quality of work that we demand from ourselves, you’ll genuinely enjoy the experience of working with us.

TechArk brainstorming meeting

Welcome to TechArk, Reimagined.

Our goal is always to help our clients improve their businesses through the modern marvels of technology, and by doing so, we work to support the Hampton Roads community which has given us so much. Now we’re doing for ourselves what we do for our clients.

We can’t wait to get to work for you.

TechArk office

A full-blown marketing campaign with a dash of rebranding, see the Evolution of Reimagine.

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