Seven Useful Web Development Tips & Tools for Cross-Compatibility


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6 Tools for testing your mobile website

It looks like everyone has a smart phone these days. This means that more and more people turn to these mobile devices to do things that they would normally do on their desktop or laptop like checking emails and viewing web content. That’s why it is very necessary to pay attention on how your website... Read more »

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Five Tips to Make your Website Convert More Visitors

Nowadays a site that just looks good and draws audience isn’t enough. If you are missing even a single important element for an effective website, then you are missing out on conversions. Here are 5 tips to make your website convert more visitors. 1)Simple works best: Keep your website clean and focused. Emphasize the information... Read more »

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May The (Dream)Force Be With You

Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2015 conference is upon us, ready to impart the wisdom of leaders and entrepreneurs from every sector of the business world. These four days are jam-packed with inspiration, networking, and live solutions from the best in the industry. And whether you’re a Salesforce user or not, there are plenty of topics covered at... Read more »

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