Meet Michael Joyner with #TeamTechArk, Project Specialist

michael-imgThis is our first of many #TeamTechArk introductions, and we begin with our jack-of-all-trades, Michael Joyner. Michael is our team’s Project Specialist and a modern day DaVinci, bringing together a mastery of design and technology. We sat down with Michael and asked a few fun questions:

What’s the most exciting part of being on the TechArk team?
I like being able to work with the teams on all aspects of a project from the sales and marketing teams all the way to the Developers who are making things happen. Not only do I get to participate, but I get to learn something new everyday, and that to me is exciting!

Describe a favorite moment or project working here at TechArk.
I just dove into things head first here at TechArk! As the newest addition, it may be too soon to pick out a favorite moment yet. With that said, the moment I learned that I get to be creative for a living…priceless!

What’s your favorite place in the 757?
With the exception of the 10 years I was away with the US Navy, I have lived in the 757 all my life, so it’s hard to choose a favorite place. I would have to say the Oceanfront in the off season, and I have been migrating to Williamsburg a lot in the summer.

Name your favorite app these days (besides our TechArk apps, of course).
I used to live my life in a state of constant disarray! Not anymore! Since being introduced to apps like Asana, Slack, and Basecamp for project management I find myself using organization tools even in my personal life. Out of all the organization apps I have used, Trello is among my favorites at the time.

What’s your loyalty—iOS, Android, or Windows?

Think fast—describe yourself in a hashtag.

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