Meet Joel Tucay, Web and Marketing Specialist

Jan 15, 2016

JT-HeadshotJoel Tucay is TechArk’s resident marketing extraordinaire. He specializes in working with our clients from the start of their account all the way through managing marketing campaigns and website content. Joel handles all our client requests with charm and finesse–just ask any of our delighted customers how they can hear him smiling through the phone. He approaches all of our clients with a mix of creativity, strategy, and sheer enthusiasm. Read more about Joel.

What’s the most exciting part of being on the TechArk team?
Hands down, the collaboration between everyone across all of our projects. No matter what or when I ever need a second pair of eyes for a report or an urgently needed item for an upcoming deadline, I can always turn to another member of the team for that helping hand.

Describe a favorite moment or project working here at TechArk.
I have to go with the first time I met with Pratik to discuss his vision for TechArk. I worked with Pratik previously at another company and out of the blue in 2014, he reached out to me through a mutual friend on some help he needed for a social media and website client of his. Next thing I know, I’m going to a meeting to present what we both ended up developing and the client loved it! From there (as the saying goes), the ball started rolling and we’ve been working together on a variety of projects ever since.

What’s your favorite place in the 757?
It’s got to be the ANY of the beaches in Virginia Beach in the summer—it’s just one of the perks of living next to the ocean!

Name your favorite app these days (besides our TechArk apps, of course).
It’s a bit of a “guilty pleasure,” but I have to go with Snapchat. They’ve been adding so many features lately, and it’s pretty cool to see what kind of videos and pictures that brands and even some of my friends have been sharing.

What’s your loyalty—iOS, Android, or Windows?
Apple iOS

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