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Owning the majority of the search engine market share at 66%, Google is easily the most popular search engine globally. It’s no secret that online searches can ultimately mean generating more business for companies who know how to capitalize on clicks. Specifically, Google AdWords enables to companies to use keywords and keyword phrases to feature their ads in the paid section at the top of Google search results.

Investing in our knowledge and use of AdWords means investing in your business’ future success. Agencies that complete professional accreditation essentially become certified online advertising professionals in the eyes of Google.

TechArk has recently received the Google Partner Certification, and with that we become subject matter experts for Google AdWords. How will you benefit from it? We understand what it takes to structure campaigns that target your customers in the right place, at the right time. We aim to attract new customers, generate more site traffic, and focus on the perfect clientele for your business.

The real key to successful online marketing lies in the ability to track data and focus on the results. Google provides the tools to track traffic and can even measure the amount of sales your company has generated from the featured ads. Let our experts who have received the Google Partner Certification take it a step further and provide valuable insight as to what will work best for your business—all by using a few, simple keywords to your advantage.

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