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Mobile traffic to the web continues to increase year after year. According to Google, 53% of users will abandon a mobile search if a web page takes longer than three seconds to load. Plus, 62% of users who have a negative experience on mobile are less likely to make a purchase from that business in the future. If your business’s mobile site is not loading fast enough there’sno doubt revenue is suffering. The good news is, Google has created a tool that allows you to test your mobile site speed and evaluate how it can be improved.

To use the Google Speed Scorecard, enter the URL of your business’s website and review your site speed based on the country and the network connection type (3G, 4G, etc.).Once the analysis is complete, you can then choose to see how your site compares to your competitors by entering their URLs into the Benchmark feature. Not liking your results? The Google Speed Scorecard also allows you to enter the URL of each page of your mobile site to see what can be done to optimize the load speed on that specific page.

Google added the Impact Calculator feature to the Speed Scorecard to show how large of an impact page speed has on conversion rate. By entering a few metrics into this calculator, you are able to see how reducing your mobile site’s load time can directly affect the amount of revenue made by your website.

So now that you’ve tested your own site and seen the impact it could be having on your business, you might be wondering what the next step is. TechArk has made it our top priority to be the industry experts when it comes to creating lightning fast websites, allowing us to help our clients receive top-notch speed scores. If you are searching for a partner to improve your Hampton Roads business’s online presence, look no further. Contact us to get started today.

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