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Google Analytics Acquisition Report
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If you're not already paying attention to your website's conversion rate, you should be as it is key to knowing how many leads your site is producing! The best way to find your site's conversion rate is with Google Analytics.

Once logged in to Google Analytics, you can navigate to the Conversion report to see which areas of your site need to be improved in order to generate more conversions (i.e. leads).

When you're viewing the report ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Is my Google Analytics account counting conversions?
  2. What am I counting as conversions?
  3. How are the conversions categorized?


First, is my Google Analytics account counting conversions?

If your account is not already set up to count conversions, don't worry because it's never too late to set them up. Making sure you are measuring your conversions is essential as it helps you evaluate performance and make changes to your site and your marketing efforts.


Next, we'll share a case study of the conversion report that we completed for a client in the health and wellness industry. After ensuring that their Google Analytics account was correctly counting conversions, we moved to the next step.


Second, what am I counting as conversions?

Using the health and wellness client as an example, we looked at what was being counted as a conversion and found the following issues:

  • There were no phone call conversions in place.
    • Why is this a problem? The client wasn't tracking how many people were calling them from their site!
  • All forms counted as the same "Contact Us" conversion.
    • Why is this a problem? The client had no ability to see which areas of their site were producing the most leads.
  • A user spending 60 seconds on their site was being counted as a conversion.
    • Why is this a problem? Although it is good to have users spend time on a site, counting time on a site as a conversion artificially inflates the site's overall conversion rate.
  • The office was not blocking their office or employee IP addresses in their reporting.
    • Why is this is a problem? This prevented the business from truly knowing what percentage of their traffic was actually contacting them.


All of these settings resulted in the client having no ability to truly measure how effective their website was at generating leads!


Lastly, how are the conversions categorized?

Categorizing your conversions helps you see which areas of your business are generating the most interest.

For example, with the health and wellness client, we re-categorized their conversions from all being counted as "Contact Us" to the following:

  • Massage Request
  • Laser Therapy Request
  • Facial Request
  • Newsletter Request
  • Download Brochure


After making these changes the client could then learn which pages on their website were generating the most leads.



After reviewing this client's Conversion report we removed the 60 seconds spent on the website as a conversion, filtered out the office address and employee IP addresses, and created the separate categories for each inquiry type mentioned above.

As a result, we found that 37% of their traffic was from internal users, and 64% of their conversions were "fluff". 

Now that we had a much better handle on their site's strengths and weaknesses we could get to work!

By optimizing their digital marketing strategy to align with their goals we were able to improve their site's overall conversion rate by 40% in 60 days. This success would not have been possible without first addressing the issues found in their Conversion report.


What's next?

If you're struggling to see leads from your website, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a time to speak with one of our specialists. We will analyze your Conversion report and design a custom strategy to increase your incoming leads!

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