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Google Ads are a great option for nonprofits that want to focus more on building mission awareness, drive traffic to their site, increase online donations, and more. However, many nonprofits are often hesitant to run Google Ads due to their cost.  Fortunately, Google offers a Google Ad Grant for eligible nonprofits that allows your organization to run Google Ads....for free!

The grant provides $10,000 worth of advertising credit to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations on the Google Ads platform. This means your nonprofit can run a Google Ad Campaign and Google will pay for the ads! 


To apply for the Google Ad Grant follow the 7 steps below: 

Step 1 - Apply for Google for Nonprofits Program

Step 2 - Create your Google Ads account

Step 3 - Take the pre-qualification survey

Step 4 - Complete Google Ad Grants training

Step 5 - Submit your pre-qualification for review

Step 6 - Create your first campaign

Step 7 - Submit your account for review 


Step 1: Apply for Google for Nonprofits Program

To receive the Google Ad Grant, organizations must first apply and be eligible for Google for Nonprofits, a program from Google that offers a selection of Google products to nonprofit organizations.


So, who is eligible to join Google for Nonprofits?

Currently, government entities and organizations, hospitals and healthcare organizations, schools, childcare centers, academic institutions, and universities are not qualified to join. If your organization is not on this list, odds are you qualify!


Note that organizations that provide healthcare services are not eligible for Google Ad Grants. However, organizations that facilitate the creation of healthcare clinics, advocate, or offer support for those with health conditions can still qualify. Also, philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible. 


When you’re ready... head to Google for Nonprofits and request an account with your associated nonprofit email address. After you receive your confirmation email, you’re one step closer!


Step 2: Create your Google Ads account

While you wait for your confirmation email, you can complete the Google Ad Grant pre-qualification activities.

  • Create your Google Ad account under the same email address you used to register for Google for Nonprofits.
  • Select your country, time zone, and currency as USD (regardless of where you are registered).
  • Remember, do not enter any billing information. Google does not offer refunds if you accidentally input your credit card details and you will be responsible for paying for any ads that you run with your card on file.
  • Acknowledge and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding discrimination and donation receipt and use.


Step 3: Take the pre-qualification survey

Google requires every participant to complete this pre-qualification survey. It covers demographic information about your organization and how you'll be utilizing the ad grant.


Step 4: Complete Google Ad Grants training

Google requires every participant to complete a brief training and pass a quiz to ensure you have a comprehensive idea of how to use the Google Ads program.






Step 5: Submit your pre-qualification for review

Once you are approved for Google for Nonprofits, you'll want to activate your Google Ad Grant account. Find your Google Ads customer ID XXX-XXX-XXX and input it under Part 1: Pre-Qualification.


After you have received an email that your pre-qualification has been approved, you can create your first campaign.


Step 6: Create your first campaign

Follow the instructions in part two of Google's Qualification Guide for detailed steps on how to set up your first Google Ads campaign. These are the basic steps you will have to complete…

  • Create a campaign following Google’s specific requests in the qualification guide
  • Fill out the Describe Your Business section
  • Select the geo-location where your ads will be shown
  • Define your product or service
  • Write your ads
  • Set your budget to $329 USD or less


Step 7: Submit your account for review

After completing your first campaign, input your Google Ads customer ID XXX-XXX-XXX on your Google for Nonprofits account under Google Ad Grants > Part 2: Account Review, and click Activate.


After this is done Google will review your details and inform you via email within 10 days if your account has been activated.


Next Steps

While getting approved for the Google Ad Grant program is rather quick, we know some of the steps may be a bit complicated if you are not accustomed to working within Google's tools.

TechArk is committed to supporting non-profits, and we have had the honor of helping over 45 non-profits with a variety of website design, hosting, and online marketing needs. We are happy to assist your organization with applying for a Google Ad Grant and launching your ad campaigns.


Contact us today to get started on your Google Ad Grant application. Once approved, we are happy to work with you to optimize your Google Ads campaign to be as successful as possible!


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