Five tips to plan a successful business website


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Introducing Katie Redford — TechArk Account Manager

Katie Redford is TechArk’s Account Manager, bringing together businesses with TechArk’s website solutions. As a skilled sales consultant with years of experience across industries, Katie brings an innate talent to identify a business’ needs and then tailors a website solution that fits their unique brand (not just cookie cutter websites that look like the guy... Read more »

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iOS vs Android – Who wins the race?

The year 2013 ended, but the battle between iOS and Android for application development continues! We all know that Google’s Android operating system is in tough competition with Apple’s iOS. Though there are countless number of people using Android based smart phones, the fact remains that there are greater number of apps on Apple’s store... Read more »

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Smart Stuff

Remember when arguments ended simply because there was no way of knowing the answer to resolve the discussion? Ah, the good old days of tapes, boomboxes, and ignorance. Search engines have changed nearly every aspect of information, research, and even the way we communicate as living, sentient beings. Now there is always a definitive champion,... Read more »

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