Day 4: Top 4 Tech Conferences

Dec 30, 2016

The top 4 technology conferences you should attend or at least watch online are:

  •          Apple WWDC
  •          Google I/O
  •          Microsoft Build
  •          Amazon re:Invent

As you can see they are some of the top technology companies in the world in the realm of software and computers. Attending the conferences on-site it can be a little pricey. As of this writing ticket prices are $1,599 for WWDC, $900 for Google I/O, $2095 for Microsoft Build, and $1,599 for Amazon re:Invent. But, you can watch many of the sessions online. Here is a quick description of each and links to their sites:

Apple WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is Apple’s annual technology conference. The conference shows off Apple’s latest software and technologies for software developers. WWDC is May-June in San Francisco or Cupertino, CA for 4 days.

Google I/O

Google I/O is Google’s annual technology conference. I/O show cases both software and hardware products from Google for the development community. I/O is May-June in San Francisco or Mountain View, CA for 2-3 days.

Google I/O conference

Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft in Seattle, WA. The conference is for software developers using Windows, Azure and other Microsoft technologies. Build is March-May in Seattle, WA for 2 days.

Amazon re:Invent

Amazon re:Invent is  Amazon’s annual technical conference. re:Invent showcases Amazon’s cloud and hardware products as well as products from it’s vendors. Products for both software and hardware. re:Invent is Nov-Dec in Las Vegas, NV for approximately 5 days.

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Over the course of 12 days, we’ll be sharing our top tech tips, tools, and tricks of the trade.

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