Content is Queen

We have a saying in the web world: Content is King.

This expression came about because of the way Google and other search engines monitor and grade websites based on the written copy within them. While design, functional development, and a variety of other factors play a part in search engine optimization and marketing as well, content shoulders the burden longterm. Regular content updates are rewarded by search engines, with websites ranking better as a direct result.

Who writes web copy?

At TechArk, we employ a content specialist to write blogs, website copy, and more – both for our clients and for us. Because we want to be engaged and friendly with the community and other professionals in the Hampton Roads scene, we sent our content specialist out on a mission this week: network.

Our copywriter (hiii) ventured out to the local monthly American Marketing Association (AMA) meeting in Virginia Beach, to meet some of her peers, and made a surprising discovery.

Content is Queen.

American Marketing Association meeting

Most household decision makers are women, so when it comes to website copy, images, and video, all hail the Queen. The coincidentally largely-female content roundtable was a fun, friendly evening of delicious food, intelligent conversation, and supportive brainstorming.

In attendance were founding CEOs, Marketing Directors, Copywriters, and more, from a variety of industries including tax services, entertainment/tourism, and advertising — all united by content.

Google logoIt was a blast to chat with others who write professionally; and an inspiration to see such smart, strong women and men coming together to help one another with daily challenges. We laughed, we discussed tactics, some of us even got dessert (okay, that was just me).

During our roundtable discussion, we talked about how much the term ‘content’ really encompasses: text, images, video, and more. Nearly everything that a web user sees or interacts with when viewing a website is content. That’s why its role is so critical to a company’s digital success.

Regardless of your job title and industry, content matters. Customers are searching for your business online right now, but without great content, they won’t find you.

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All Hail Queen Content! Make sure your web copy is fit for a king … or queen … with clever copy and smart marketing.

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