Bye-Bye, July

Aug 03, 2017

Another month is gone, and the summer is more than half over! Although it’s been a hot one, at TechArk we’ve been keeping cool, calm, and collaborative in our downtown Norfolk office. We’re here to update you with another month’s launches, and a few other pieces of news, too!

What We’ve Been Working on This Month:

Landmark HospitalityLandmark Hospitality website (Website Redesign)

A hotel management company with great taste, Landmark chose TechArk to complete their snazzy website redesign. Managing big name brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt, Landmark needed a site that came dressed to impress.

TechArk brought a full wardrobe change, redesigning a beautiful and informative homepage with animated counters tallying company experience, properties, locations, and employees, a company timeline, and some unique interactive hover states that are just plain fun to play with.

Now with a site that customers, employees, and investors can use with ease, Landmark is ready to move onward and upward.

PurpicsPurpics app screenshots (Web + Mobile App)

An innovative charity-oriented company with a heart of gold, Purpics saw that charities, volunteers, and businesses needed a simple yet social way of connecting charities with the people and companies who wanted to contribute.

TechArk knew just how to help. This multifaceted project included a website, web application and mobile app which allowed Purpics to harness the power of Instagram in order to leverage more funds for their charities. Donations rolled in based on the number of ‘Likes’ a charity’s post received, revolutionizing the way nonprofit businesses advertise on social media. The project has been so successful, it’s enabled Purpics to expand their program to include student organizations.

Now Purpics puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising, and does a lot of good in the process.

Festevents (Mobile App)Festevents logo

This private, not-for-profit organization is dedicated to  facilitating community events and attractions in Hampton Roads, entertaining locals and tourists alike. When they found themselves struggling to distinguish between the parks at which premier concerts, festivals, ship visits, and city celebrations are hosted, Festevents sought out an expert.

TechArk was all too happy to attend this event, listening closely to the needs and challenges experienced by Festevents before designing and developing a mobile app just for them. Built to allow staff and app users to easily distinguish between the two major parks, as well as providing all the pertinent event information (location, details, contact info), the app has been a big hit.

Users can even purchase tickets right on the platform, and live streaming is available too, for when Festevents wants to promote a popular show. They loved the app so much we got a standing ovation!

BrandFuel (Personalized e-commerce experience)Brand Fuel logo

As our building mate and business neighbor, BrandFuel is one of our recurring clients. Every so often our companies need help from one another, and we’re always happy to pop across the hall for a friendly chat. This time, BrandFuel needed something custom created, and TechArk loves innovation.

We updated the capabilities of BrandFuel’s online stores to enable a more personalized experience for customers with accounts. As they log in, the e-commerce platform generates their info – including logo – and automatically superimposes it over the suggested product.

Not sure if you’ll like the logo on a black mug? You can see it right away, and realize you love it. We’ll take twenty!

Group of kids on the beach TechArk tries to stay active in the community, and we love getting involved when we feel we can make a difference. Earlier this year, we sponsored a girls’ soccer team … and forgot to share. Latergram anyone?

The 9 players and 2 coaches play for the Beach FC Advance division, and it was their first time on the soccer sand! Between matches the girls would go practice in the surf, building a whole new love of soccer, and a respect for teamwork.

With 83 divisions and over 1,000 teams at the Oceanfront tournaments, the girls tasted victory but the real win was the fun they had together and the anticipation for next year’s games. Great game, ladies!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for our Big Unveiling. Check back with us this September for some exciting changes, and stay cool until then.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to this summer, with our monthly round up of launches.

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