5 Things A Mobile App Development Platform Should Have

Oct 13, 2014

Are you thinking to make a mobile app for business? You have also finalize the layout and platform of your mobile app. Isn’t it? If yes then you need to make sure that your mobile app platform should have the following fundamental factors.

1)Mobile platforms supported:
This is a key element when adopting a mobile strategy. In some areas, people use iPhones more, while in other they might prefer tablets or Android or Windows and so on. Apple and Android are the main protagonists and they have been the trendsetters of mobile development and innovations for some time. So keep this is mind when opting for an efficient mobile app developing platform.

2)Developer Tools and Resources:
When making complex apps that can be tailored to every customer requirement, try to avoid mobile development platforms that use the word template based apps too much. An important part when designing apps is the ability to create a mobile application quickly and cost efficient for multiple coding languages, such as iOS and Android. Developing, managing and updating an app for multiple mobile devices and OS can cost quite a lot.

3)Native, Web Or Hybrid:
It depends on what is your product and what you require to make it available. Native apps access the device’s native features such as camera, gps, or microphone for example. They take more time to develop, are more expensive but they offer the best performance and they rarely require a wi-fi connection and so they offer more reliability. Web apps are not apps at all, but customized websites tailored to have the look and feel of an app. This is the simplest approach approach, yet costs are cheap. Because the entire app lives on the Web, you can update it without having to redistribute the app itself.

Hybrid apps are the combination of both web, and native apps. Consider the choice of what kind of app you need carefully. Natives are harder to develop but the results are worth the effort.

4)Cloud Scalability:
Cloud servers can overcomes crashing problems. As your company grows and your app is getting more and more attention and traffic you should not worry about whether your app is going to crash when you have thousand of users at the same time. Mobile development platforms that offer cloud scalability and can adapt to growth, have a leading edge that should never be overlooked.

5)Analytics and communication services:
The ability to monitor, analyze and track app-specific usage data is important to know in which direction your app is going. From in-app purchases, customized tracking, geographic info and activity gives a company a distinct advantage in gathering info to improve the application’s result.

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