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10 Ecommerce Website Design Tips for better Website Conversion

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E-commerce is a latest name that helps in achieving the desired results. The regular work is required for optimizing the website.
Below are some tips for better website conversion:

1)Making the Search Bar:The search bar on the site should be ubiquitous. It will be helpful foe visitors to explore the site easily and efficiently.

2)Organizing the Navigation Bar: The navigation must be easy and user-friendly. It should be comprised with various filters to reduce the searching time for customers.

3)Maintain browsing History: It is important for customers to remember the previous search so that they can make recommendations as per that. Creating a personalized customer experience is a very big thing for ecommerce websites.

4)Persistent shopping cart: Maintaining the shopping cart is important. It should be maintained even if the site get closed to make the customers feel convenience in shopping.

5)Announce phone number and location: It is important to display physical location and phone number of company to make the customers feel secured. It is helpful for making strong credentials.

6)Displaying partners and associates: It is essential to flaunt the popular partners name to increase credibility.

7)Use rotating carousels to minimum: The over use of rotating carousels can annoy any customer, so these should be used wisely so that they can only promote sales and not annoy the visitors.

8)Shipping Options: Giving speedy or free shipping options can increase the sales.

9)Sales selection made easy: The sales selection should be easy and user friendly with various filters which enables search easy.

10)Social Sharing: Digital marketers should boost the social sharing of their site so that they can increase the sales and customers

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