Typography an Important Aspect in Mobile App Design

Feb 12, 2014

Typography is an important factor in designing a mobile application. Typography is the backbone of mobile app design. Good typography will make your app look appealing, easy to read and great user experience.

What makes mobile typography special is the restrictive nature of the mobile screens which are small and used in brightly lit areas. So on needs to be very specific when it comes to typography for mobile apps.
There are mainly 4 components that will help mobile typography great:

1)Readability: Readability is defined as the amount of effort a user puts in order to read and understand the text. This is the main key point and should not be ignored because this is the way information is communicated through app.

2)Size: If an user cannot read the text displayed on the app than it’s a big trouble. Its true that user can see the text by zooming, but that is not required if the text are kept in appropriate size. People use different gadgets nowadays and to help them read and understand the message it is necessary to use a size that is bigger than a typical website.

3)Space: When designing for mobile app, space is necessary as you are dealing with smaller screen. People use tablets and iPads, so we need to add equal space between letters horizontally and vertically. By keeping this in mind you can use large font size so that the user can read and understand the message you are trying to get across.

4)Responsiveness: Since the screens of device vary in size, it is important to consider the responsiveness of typography. Responsive type is designed so that the type is resizable by the screen size and user control. Planning with a responsive grid in mind will give your user the best experience because it will adapt to their screen regardless of the size.

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