Spooky Sites


Deep in the depths of the web-world, spiders skitter to and fro, searching and crawling across websites eagerly, greedily … hungrily. They are seeking information, and they won’t stop until they find it. They are on your website right now, scrolling along the silvery threads of web, clicking their pincers with excitement, sinking their fangs into your data.

Creeped out yet?

Get ready, because this is no scary story told by the light of a campfire to frightened children. This story is true.

These are no ordinary spiders, and their web is made of no ordinary silken fibers. These spiders belong to Google, and their eight spindly legs are purely digital. They are still greatly to be feared and respected, however, due to the very important work which sends them cavorting to the very edges of the interwebs in search of high and low quality webwork.

That’s right – these spiders are policing the internet, and you better hope your site is up to snuff.

So when a website isn’t following the rigorous guidelines laid out by these arachnid authority figures, it’s — well, did you ever see that scene in Lord of the Rings?

As much as we’d like to threaten that a gigantic monster spider, overlord of all the other web crawlers, will suck the life from your website if you don’t comply … wait, that is exactly what we’re threatening.

Consider Google the Master Overlord of all Spiders.

Let’s back up a bit – it’s ok, we’ve got time to chat while the monster is bearing down on us. Google sends out these spiders for a purpose, which is to evaluate websites on a variety of criteria. Google changes things all the time, too, meaning that you can’t run your website on autopilot. For instance, as of next month, all sites are required to have SSL certificates, or suffer the consequences.

The list of these critical pain points can be found Here, and the long and short of it is as follows:

  1. Comply with Google’s standards and your site will rank high in organic search results (your site will display in search results when a nearby user searches for services like yours)
  2. Ignore, disregard, and break Google’s rules, in which case your site will be punished in the harshest manner possible – a drop off from search results entirely.…If nobody can find your site with a Google search, how long do you think you’ll stay in business?

Don't fret.

At this point, you’re only shaking in your boots if you know you’ve blatantly disregarded Google’s rules, in which case you need our help. Call on TechArk for web help … before it’s too late.


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