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You've Got Mail ... Have You Answered It Lately?

At TechArk, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our entire team is always available to our clients, and our number one priority is always to provide them with the most value possible.

Because we care so deeply about our customers (and potential customers) and want to help them in anyway we can, we’re taking a look at how technology has changed this traditionally face-to-face interaction, and drafting some new rules for customer service and support.

Read on to find out if your company is playing by the rules or breaking them, and what may happen with your customers as a result.


It may surprise you to learn that social media has become a key element in customer service, with 90% of consumers reaching out to brands through social. Not just millennials, either — older generations have adopted Facebook as their main source of finding information, reading reviews, and making decisions regarding where to spend their time or money (or both).

What may surprise you even more is that out of the 90% who sent messages, only 11% received a response.

With such a wide gap, it’s clear that some critical puzzle pieces have yet to fall into place for a lot of companies. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore messages, comments, questions, and reviews posted to their social accounts. And yet, many are slow to adopt a “social-first” mentality. Despite the fact that most, if not all, of their audience is searching, following, liking, and sharing on social media, the brand remains silent and stoic.

Brand messaging used to be B2C (Business to Consumer, where consumer was silent) but the new model is much more dynamic. Businesses can speak to consumers, and consumers can (and do!) speak back. In the marketing biz we call that “engagement.”

Let’s take a look at what happens when brands ignore customer engagement:

  • Negative impression of the overall brand or company
  • Loss of loyalty and business
  • Loss of brand advocate
  • More likely to post something negative, tagging the company for others to see

The more engagement your social posts receive, the more the platform’s algorithm will display your content to others. This is how you spread awareness of your company, but it’s only the beginning.

Now let’s look at what happens when brands engage with their audience on social:

  • Positive impression of the overall brand or company
  • More likely to “convert,” or become a customer
  • More likely to advocate for brand, either online or in person
  • More likely to share positive content relative to company, or leave a positive review
  • Less likely to post something negative about the company, even if time has passed since correspondence

A little engagement goes a long way!

Is your company talking to customers where they browse? TechArk speaks social. Let ushelp your brand rule the algorithms in 2018.

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