Should your business invest in a Custom Website Design?

Greetings, business owners!

Search engines, reviews, social media; it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for a busy CEO like you. When it comes to digital reputations, are you actively managing yours or simply coasting?

Take a time out and a hard look at your company’s online presence. Is it clear what your organization offers, within ten seconds of page load? If not (or if you don’t have a website) then you’re likely losing business—and it happens in the blink of an eye.

In this digital era, a website is the face of your company, it is the mouth with which it speaks to your customers. If it’s misrepresenting you, that’s a big problem for your bottom line.

We know you need to make a profit, but the old adage is true: sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. In some cases that may mean updating hardware or software to keep up with demands, in others, it may mean you need a brand new website design.

Why website design?

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? A website is just the same. A well-thought out blueprint takes into account the amount of square footage, the needs of the future occupants, and then general common sense as well. Any qualified architect would know, for example, that a door needs a specific amount of space in order to open fully. 

Why not DIY?

Things of this “best practice” nature may not occur to you, since it’s not what you’ve studied and built a life around. You’ve never done it the wrong way before, so you don’t know what constitutes the right way. That’s why we hire experts to design and build our homes, schools, bridges, and other structures.

When you DIY, you risk making a rookie mistake, like placing a bathroom right beside a kitchen. It may seem like a good idea at the time but later you’ll probably regret it. Website building tools like Wix or SquareSpace do their best to streamline the process for you, but they can’t truly offer you the insight or expertise of a living, breathing, degree-carrying human who’s done it before.

Professional website design

Graphic designers see it all the time—illegible fonts in hard-to-read colors, pixelated logos, jumbled UX that cause customers to leave in frustration. We’ve seen it all and we don’t like it.

That’s why we want to help!

Imagine ordering a garment, custom-made for you. You have a voice when it comes to the design, you select the fabric, you choose the color, and it’s perfectly sized to your unique shape. No baggy areas, nothing hugging too tight. It’s like it was made for you … because it was.

We're here to help.

A website is just the same as any building, garment, or made-to-order food. It’s best when it’s customized to your needs, wants, and future. By choosing to have a website designed just for your business, you’ll have the chance to provide crucial information, feedback, and approval at various stages of the process. Neat, right?

When you’re ready to invest in your business and give it the best chance of success, call the website design experts at Team TechArk. We’ve helped dozens of companies near and far develop their digital presence, and we can help you, too.

Give us a call at 757-774-7784

Rookies make rookie mistakes. Call in the Pros before you break the internet, silly.

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