Day 10: Social Media Marketing Tips

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  • Create a social media marketing plan!
    • You can’t pursue a goal without strategy or objectives.
  • Research your current demographics and followers
    • Make note of who your audience is, and what they like. Take note of posts that have done well in the past and study them from your followers perspective, if you were them, what made that post stand out.
  • When posting, become who you want to target.
    • If you’re selling clothing for the young professional, create content as if you are that individual. What would rope you in? What would you want from this company? Transform your social media channels into someone your customers are trying to be.
  • Get inspired by your competitors
    • Observe their methods and see what you can apply to your business. Look to social media titans, celebrities, and industry leaders, is there a style they’re utilizing that can be mimicked? Follow up on their advice for success.
  • Link your social media accounts.
    • Facebook and Instagram. Your blog and Pinterest. LinkedIn to your website. Create easily accessible links and reference other social channels to your website. Social media consumers are curious, they want to get an in depth feel of your company before they decide to purchase.
  • Schedule your tweets to save time!
    • Twitter is possibly the hardest social channel to keep up with. When you follow over 100 business or personal accounts your timeline is an escalator, transporting people from top to bottom in 30 second increments. Check out Hootsuite for apps and practices to increase your tweet efficiency and optimize your journey down the escalator.
  • Know the type of content that works best on various social platforms.
    • Inspirational quotes on Instagram is great, but having too much text is visually unpleasant. Utilize Instagram to be aesthetically pleasing, give your company a cosmetic appeal. Use Facebook for lengthy posts, both fun and informational, individuals on Facebook are accustomed to spending longer periods of time on posts.
  • Utilize hashtags and trending topics for your posts
    • If you think your social media is stale or predictable, whether because of the nature of your business or lack of content ideas, look up the latest news to discuss on your pages. Need a little help or inspiration? We would welcome getting coffee and learning about your business.
  • Create Pay Per Click advertising campaigns
    • Facebook and Instagram are linked and utilizing their advertising option for promotable content will spread your reach further.
  • Be FUN.
    • Your social channels should be informative, however they also need to be relatable. People love to laugh and connect, so take the time to engage your audience with a play on words or joke or fun images.

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Over the course of 12 days, we’ll be sharing our top tech tips, tools, and tricks of the trade.

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