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Website Design + Development The users of the Internet come from all walks of life. Their point of view vary and tastes as well. And that is why it is hard to impress them. Therefore many companies today prefer having a custom website design on their web page. This ensures that they get the attention of the users and also impress them. Custom Website design offers a combination of design and content in favor of unique identity of your company. Custom Website design is a combination of your likeness. You can design as per the need of your company design that fit into your own criteria. You can run your own strategy to attract customers. There are many advantages of having a custom website design, one is it provides systematic communication with the corporate identity of the company. You can protect the uniqueness of your design with the help of copyright laws. There are some precautions you need to take care while designing custom websites. Navigation: It is an important part so carefully illustrate it so not only your customer can access easily but search engines too can reach at any page with ease. Another thing is FLash. Avoid the excess use of Flash because it not only slows your downloading but is also unfit for search engines in long run. Custom Designs gives you freedom of choice of language which is an added advantage with custom design. You can even create website with PHP and add CMS with either WordPress or joomla. This kind of freedom is not possible in template base design. SEO practices are easy with custom design. You can place title, keywords, description etc as per your wish and you can generate SEO friendly URLs in custom designing.
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