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It’s been a busy few months here for Team TechArk.

On top of all the amazing work we do for our clients, we managed to redesign, redevelop, rewrite, and reimagine our own website this fall. If you haven’t explored the new, we invite you to click around and browse a while. Take your time, we’ll be right here.

We’ve launched a number of successful websites, apps, and digital marketing campaigns in the months since we’ve done a roundup, and we’d love to tell you a little bit about them.

Old Donation School Guided Virtual Tour Mobile App + Brickell Academy PTA Website Maintenance

A big name around Hampton Roads, Old Donation School was recently rebuilt from the ground up to include a variety of environmentally sustainable features. The school was concerned, however, that students would have difficulty navigating the unfamiliar hallways and classrooms, which is why they called on TechArk.

We built a guided virtual tour mobile app which works using Bluetooth signals emitted by small computers called “beacons.” These devices adhere to the walls at strategic places throughout the school’s campus, offering a comprehensive introduction to O.D.S. through the eyes of its students – that’s right, we collaborated with students on this project.

Working closely with the kids at the school resulted in such great success that the Virginia Beach public school system has partnered with TechArk for future semesters, and the Brickell Academy PTA has brought us on board to perform regular website maintenance. We think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership, and couldn’t be more proud of our work.

Old Donation School app screenshots

Ray Johnson’s Fireplace & Patio Website Redesign

The hottest place to score a custom fireplace, sweet patio furniture, or outdoor fire pit, Ray Johnson’s Fireplace & Patio has been a Hampton Roads favorite for years. When their eCommerce website security was compromised Ray Johnson sent out a distress call, which TechArk was happy to answer.

We battled the hackers and took back the site, then got to work redesigning it. We built a new website, hotter than summer, and with lots of security measures built in. Ray was ready to move away from eCommerce, so we set him up with a mobile-friendly WordPress website. Now the beautiful custom work they produce will display perfectly on any size screen.

Ray Johnson's Fireplace & Patio website screenshots

RevPar Companies Website Redesign

A successful hotel development and management company, RevPar Companies needed an updated digital presence to match the sophistication of their roster of full service hotels, restaurants, lounges, and conference facilities.

TechArk responded with a full service suite of our own, including a user-friendly redesign, intuitive development, and mobile-responsive platform to keep RevPar looking great on any device.

RevPar Companies website screenshots

Tidewater Staffing Website Redesign

An all hands on deck success story, Tidewater Staffing needed some innovative work done to put some ‘fun’ in their functionality. Our designers jumped at this project, which included an interactive infographic (which turned out totally adorable).

We redesigned and developed the website with a clear-cut user journey for both employers and potential employees, making it easier for job seekers and companies seeking specific staffing services. A success for all involved!

Tidewater Staffing website screenshots

Faro10 Mobile App

We love it whenever we get to produce work that helps others! The mobile app we designed and built for Faro10 falls neatly into this category, providing a platform for mental health care physicians to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate regarding a patient’s condition.

Such a resource has never been widely available before, and we hope it empowers health care providers to access important information when they need it, resulting in better care for the patient.

Faro10 mobile app screenshots

Narsi Properties Website Redesign

This family owned and operated hotel management company joined TechArk’s growing list of hospitality management clients this fall with a mobile friendly website redesign, warmer voice, and gorgeous photography.

Now Narsi’s customers can see the beauty of their hotels before ever stepping foot inside.

Narsi Properties webiste screenshots

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recap of the cooler months. See you in November!

TechArk has been busy in the past few months since our last roundup! Take a look to learn more about our work.

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