Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant

We Listened

The Authority when it comes to the proper method of cracking crab legs, Captain George’s is a favorite along the east coast. With locations in Myrtle Beach, Kill Devil Hills, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, their seafood is legendary. But their chefs needed an inter-restaurant communication channel that allowed them to share recipes between locations. TechArk came to the rescue with a life preserver fit for a Captain.

We Solved

We built a web application only accessible by the Captain’s chefs, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie, as well as maintaining consistent flavor experiences regardless of what state or location patrons visited. Taking it a step further, we made the app multilingual, because good taste doesn’t discriminate. Now Captain George’s chefs, whether they speak English or Spanish, can access the holy grail of seafood delectables any time, any place.

A delicious project with savory results.

We Delivered