Common Design Principles for a Progressive Web App


The modern web utilizes a set of common standards that make the experience consistent across all web browsers on all devices.  The combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can deliver an immersive, robust user experience when used in conjunction with an up-to-date web browser.  As these practices have been standardized, web browser vendors have responded by providing enhanced user experience technologies including offline application experiences, push notifications, and access to device hardware such as cameras, microphones, and speakers.

As the distinction between the capabilities of a well-programmed “web page” and a device-specific mobile app have blurred, a new term has emerged to describe these robust, immersive, and high-performing web applications: Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Common Design Principles for a Progressive Web App

There are common design principles that a PWA should exhibit:

With these common design principles, Progressive Web Apps can offer an engaging, fresh, and user-friendly interface that employs modern mobile app conventions including push notifications and access to platform hardware to provide rich data access. PWAs are important, cost-effective tools for creating and distributing mobile apps in competitive industries.  Contact the UI/UX and mobile app creation experts at TechArk today to learn about how our team can build a PWA for your next big idea.


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