Website Analytics

As computer geeks and marketing nerds, we don’t believe in success unless it’s quantifiable. That’s why we love Web Analytics. We are fans of Google Analytics, but can also assist with other analytics platforms. In addition we have other cool tools at our disposal to track your website’s performance.

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Google Analytics

With nearly infinite options for setting goals, defining conversions, and monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on website traffic and user behavior, we wouldn’t dream of using any other suite.

Google Data Studio allows us to monitor and report on Analytics, which tracks website activity, user behavior, and advertising campaign metrics, providing invaluable information when redesigning. TechArk will monitor user behavior using Google Analytics. We will request and embed a Google Analytics UA code on every page of the website, and establish tracking parameters. This single line of code will track all visits to the site, recording user behavior, demographics, referral source, and so much more.

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Heatmap Tracking

Heatmap tracking is a really cool tool that allows TechArk and our clients insights into user engagement at the individual page level. These tools provide where a user clicks, how far they scroll on the page and more per device. Our goal is to design websites that are user friendly on all devices and heatmap tracking helps us get real life user data.

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