Virginia Beach Spa & Laser Center

We Listened

The Virginia Beach Spa & Laser Center is a medical spa centrally located on VB’s Shore Drive. Offering custom facials, laser treatments, and massages, this is one client that we love to visit. Their website was in need of some rejuvenation, but not ready for a complete redesign.

TechArk burned some sage and got to work, with soothing recommendations to salve the site.

We Solved

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no joke. Although the VB Spa & Laser site was functional, it wasn’t ranking. Our digital marketing specialist examined the site with a microscope to seek and destroy anything that wasn’t best practice. Updating meta information, alt tags, and contact forms was just the beginning.

Armed with the SEO recommendations, our content specialist combed through the services, rewording with the goal of speaking to (re: wooing) clients. Beyond simply sounding nice, we had an ulterior motive: we also restructured and reorganized the services into new, distinct pages. This helps users find what they’re looking for, in addition to impressing the robot crawlers sent out by search engines.

With a warmer voice, enhanced sitemap, and updated imagery, the site was ready to be shown off. Our SEO superstarts stepped in again to set up, monitor, and report back on targeted ad campaigns (known commonly as PPC or Pay-Per-Click). 

Now the Virginia Beach Spa & Laser Center can relax and enjoy the incense.