TechArk provides $2,000 scholarship to summer intern.

Sep 05, 2016

We’re big fans of hiring advancing high school students as summer interns. In our minds, it provides them with “real world” experience that can help strengthen their path to becoming involved with technology-based careers. As the area continues to attract the brightest and the best, we hope the hands-on experiences our interns learn doing mobile app development and website design with a growing Hampton Roads technology company will also help to make them more highly qualified job candidates when they finish their college educations. And, of course, we learn a lot from them as they provide us with fresh perspectives on how to approach a challenge.

scholarship We recently held a farewell luncheon for our 2016 summer, to thank them for their time with us and to wish them well as they get ready to start their first college semesters. One student, who will be attending Old Dominion University this fall, was awarded with a check for $2,000 to help with college tuition and expenses.

Our CEO, Pratik Kothari, who is an ODU alumni himself, believes strongly in honoring his alma mater and giving back to the 757 community. In addition to hiring high school interns, the company is also proud to be a recognized
mentor to Advanced Technology Center (ATC) students in Virginia Beach Public Schools. For our work with the community and contributions to Hampton Roads businesses, TechArk Solutions was awarded the 2016 Hampton Roads Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by Inside Business.

Pratik believes that working with young people gives us an opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge with others. It also provides us with the satisfaction of knowing that we are directly contributing to the betterment of young people who will use the skill sets they learn to contribute not only to their own futures, but to the economic advancement of Hampton Roads as a whole. We recognize that’s a lot of weight to put on young shoulders, but we’re confident the next generation is up for the challenge. We look forward to watching them grow and helping them in any way we can.

TechArk team

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