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TechArk loves working with startups and entrepreneurs in our own backyard of Virginia Beach. As the local one-stop shop for website design and app development, we’ve helped hundreds of Virginia Beach companies and entrepreneurs revamp their brand, logo, website, mobile apps, and more. Our website development skills are renowned, and our support and maintenance teams are available 24/7 for your convenience.

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We Do it All for Website

Why DIY when you can have a tailor-made custom website for your Virginia Beach business? We offer a level of customer service that simply can’t be beat and our team and processes are time-honed and polished by experience. We’ve helped so many clients improve their company’s digital presence in Virginia Beach, and we can help your business, too.

If you are looking for a top Virginia Beach web design and development company for your organization, then look no further than TechArk Solutions.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s mobile digital world, it is more important than ever for your website to always look its best. Your customers want to take you on the go with you, so make it easy for them with TechArk’s mobile friendly website design in Virginia Beach.

Content Management

No matter your digital needs, TechArk works hard to ensure that you feel comfortable managing your new website content. We hand over your brand-new website only after your complimentary training session with our team, and we’re always here for you if you have questions.

Hosting and Maintenance

Our secure servers enjoy a 99.9% monthly uptime rate, meaning that your site is rarely (if ever) down. Our maintenance teams work around the clock so that someone is always available to answer your questions or resolve any issues that may arise.


What good is a beautiful website if no one sees it, our web development team will create your new website using SEO best practices to set you up for success.

User Experience (UX)

Our User Experience (UX) graphic web designers are trained to anticipate a potential customer’s every move, and plan for it in the design. With a solid web design for your business website, When we know specifically what your audience is seeking, we can place it front and center. That’s solid web design, VB.


Professional imagery helps define your brand. If you need help with photography, we can help! We have local photographers in Virginia Beach that can take headshots, office photography, and much more for your web design project.


Great copy is incredibly important. Not only is it crucial for SEO, but it serves a greater purpose, helping your users. Our staff can write website copy that delights and also helps converts.

Security & Compliance

A secure site is not a nice to have, but a need. At TechArk, all of our websites are built on a secure version of HTTP to ensure that yours and your customers’ data is secure. We also ensure that your website is compliant with all rules and regulations.

Website Analytics

Being able to understand how your website performs is key to understand what needs to be done to further improve. We implement website analytics on all of our sites.

News and Resources

Learn about what’s happening in the world of website design and development at TechArk.

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How TechArk helped Hampton Roads Transit with Mobile-First Website?

How TechArk helped Hampton Roads Transit with Mobile-First Website?

Last year, Hampton Roads Transit distributed their request for a proposal, and they wanted a complete redesign of their main website.

Why websites designed by TechArk are better ?

Why websites designed by TechArk are better ?

Every website we build is unique to your business and your target audience. Our beautiful designs are mobile-friendly and are built to impress your visitors.

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