Software Maintenance

If you need help fixing a bug, upgrading your software, adding new features or
simply maintaining the codebase, you must call TechArk.

Rest assured that all software we develop comes with a maintenance warranty and dedicated support team that is available to address your needs. Software Maintenance is a much bigger phase after the actual development project is completed and we understand the importance of its impact on your business.

Do you have an existing solution and are tired of a backlog of bugs? When you try and fix something, another thing breaks. It is simply impossible to add any new features. The world around your software has evolved and you are still stuck in the dark ages. If your business is stuck maintaining a legacy software application and you need help, look no further. TechArk can help you clean up, organize and transform your legacy app into a modern solution that delivers values to your business.

Our Solutions

One of the primary reasons our customers love TechArk is because of our commitment to Customer Support. In most cases, this involves maintaining the customer’s solution and we have done this extremely well. Several of our prominents client including WM Jordan, Retail Alliance, Recycling Perks, Titan America brought as an existing codebase and the issues they were facing. We not only understood the issues quickly, we also got a hang of the application and the codebase promptly. We then created a plan to work through the existing code and deliver the wins our customers were expecting. If you have an existing software that you need help with, please contact us.

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Benefits of Our Software Maintenance Services

It is extremely crucial to have a trusted technology partner that will provide the much needed upgrade and maintenance support for your software solutions. TechArk’s clients continue to stay with us for years because of the care and the commitment we show towards the upkeep and maintenance of their solution. We stay on top of the latest platform releases to make sure that your software stays current, it uses new features and integrations and if there are any bugs, our teams will work proactively to resolve and vigorously test the solution. Our project managers will continue to communicate regularly and keep you informed as we work on delivering a quality product.

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