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Website Optimization Tools
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The main goal of your business’s website is to attract large amounts of visitors who are potential customers and convince them to convert. And when your website does not perform as expected it can leave you frustrated and scratching your head trying to figure out what is wrong. The answer may lie within your website’s optimization. Below we will define what website optimization is, why it is important and some tools that you can use to optimize your business’s website. While these tools can be helpful, partnering with an experienced website design and digital marketing agency, for example TechArk Solutions in Hampton Roads, VA, is best as they can ensure your website is utilizing all the tactics it should to perform optimally.

What is Website Optimization and Why It’s Important

Website Optimization is defined as the process of updating your website to increase traffic from your target audience and encourage website visitors to convert or complete specific action on your website. This action can be making an eCommerce purchase, subscribing to an email newsletter or filling out a contact form for more information. The updates that can be done to optimize your business’s website can be technical such as updating the site’s design to increase website speed, modifying your site’s structure or revamping your website’s content to improve search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. So if you still aren’t sure if optimizing your site is important think of it this way, your business’s website is an investment and your goal should be to get a good return on your investment. Optimizing your website is a measure that can be done to increase the number of website visitors, conversions and in turn, the ROI of your website.

Website Optimization Tools

In the past, optimizing your website was much simpler, but with the frequent updates of Google’s algorithm the process has become increasingly complicated. Utilizing some of the available website optimization tools simplifies the process.

Google Analytics

Nowadays, most people know how useful Google Analytics can be for businesses. Within the Google Analytics dashboard, you can find a plethora of metrics and data that show how visitors are interacting with your business’s website in detail. These metrics include how many visitors viewed specific pages on your website, how long they engaged with your website, how they found your website, which keywords are most successful and much, much more. All the data collected from Google Analytics paints a picture on how well your website’s SEO strategy is performing and can help you make the changes needed to optimize your website and improve its overall performance.


SEMRush is another great tool that will not only help you understand how your own website is performing, but also help you understand how your competitors are performing. Using this tool will help you collect performance data for your website and strategize SEO tactics to optimize your website and improve your website’s effectiveness. With SEMRush, you will simultaneously save time, save money and identify areas of your website that can be optimized.


Website speed has become a major factor in the SEO ranking of your business’s website. GTMetrix is a website optimization tool that can be used to measure site speed and make recommendations on how to improve it. With this tool, you can track how quickly each page of your website is loading and for those taking longer than others, it can help you find out how to fix it. It’s as simple as inserting your business’s website’s URL on the GTMetrix site.


If your website is receiving a decent amount of traffic, but is losing users before they convert, HumCommerce is the optimization tool for you. Find out where people are leaving your website to help you determine what may be the cause. HumCommerce also allows you to see where within your website content that users stop engaging. With the help of this optimization tool, you can analyze this data to determine what optimizations need to be made to improve the performance of your business’s website.


When your business is constantly adding new content to your website, it can be easy to overlook simple SEO best practices. With the YoastSEO plugin tool, all new pages on your website will receive an initial SEO score which can help you make changes to improve it’s score before publishing. This tool will give you a comprehensive SEO report for every page of your business’s website. Using YoastSEO will help as you update your website’s content while giving you the peace of mind that your SEO ranking will not be negatively affected.


Your business’s website is an investment and continually optimizing it is crucial to ensuring you are getting the most out of your website. There are multiple tools like the ones mentioned above that can help you analyze your website’s performance and help you determine what changes are necessary for continued growth. While these tools are useful, working with an experienced team of digital marketing professionals, such as the team at TechArk Solutions in Norfolk VA, takes the guesswork out of optimizing your website. If you are not getting the most out of your business’s website or are in need of guidance on how to optimize your website, contact TechArk today.

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