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Now more than ever, ranking on search engines is integral to business success, making search engine optimization (SEO) a crucial marketing tool. SEO helps a website gain greater visibility within search engines and can increase the number of visitors by applying various tools and techniques. There are two main types of search engine optimization plans that can be chosen according to the needs of the website.

One-time Search Engine Optimization
One-time SEO (or, SEO jumpstart) provides a starting point for a newly launched website so it can be easily found on search engines by the target audience. Some basic techniques of one-time SEO include meta tag optimization, meta description optimization, and directory submission. This tactic can also be used on existing websites if they aren't currently being maintained for rank changes.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
Ongoing SEO starts the process of a website’s discovery online and allows the website to adapt to SEO best practice updates, algorithm changes, and audience preferences over time. Ongoing SEO is a more comprehensive approach to achieving the long-term goals of a website. Some of the techniques used include regularly reviewing the website’s Google Analytics account, backlink generation, content optimization, and guest blog posting, with monthly reporting on the activities performed and the results obtained.

Differences Between One-time SEO and Ongoing SEO
SEO provides a website with endless opportunities to be found within search engines, thereby helping it increase its reach. Following the right SEO plan according to the business type is crucial. Before making your choice, important aspects of both types of SEO should be reviewed:

Features List of Ongoing SEO vs. One-time SEO



One Time SEO

Ongoing SEO

Keyword Research

Google Analytics Setup

Google Search Console Setup

Reviewing Website Content

Creating Meta Titles

Creating Meta Description

Creating Image Alt Tags

On-Page Optimization

Local Directory Submission


Monitoring Google Analytics


Content Creation


Regular Analytics Report Creation


Discussion on Analytics Review


Backlink Generation


Blog Post Content


Competitor Analysis


Adapting updated strategies and techniques


One-time SEO focuses on the short-term goals of a new website while ongoing SEO serves long-term website goals. Whether your business would benefit from one-time SEO or ongoing SEO, TechArk can lead you toward success.

Finding the Right SEO Specialist for Your Business

Regardless of the SEO type chosen for your Business, it is necessary to work with an SEO specialist that is able to create an SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals. Schedule a session with the Digital Marketing team at TechArk and start your successful SEO journey today.

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