How TechArk Helped Hampton Roads Transit with Mobile-First Website?

Jan 18, 2019

Last year, Hampton Roads Transit distributed their request for a proposal, and they wanted a complete redesign of their main website. This was a moment that the TechArk team had been preparing for over the last several years because we felt that we were completely ready to deliver for this organization successfully.

Norfolk Map

Over the next few weeks, our entire team worked very diligently to understand the requirements for website design that were given by HRT and how we would uniquely meet those needs. We knew that the competition would be fierce. In the pre-proposal conference, we weren’t surprised to see more than 20 companies from all over the country trying to win this business. Hampton Roads Transit services include the Light Rail, the Bus, the Ferry and the Paratransit. It is such a prominent name in the area as well as in the world of transit.We left no stone unturned, and throughout the proposal period, we took the time to comprehend the data they had provided. We created custom illustrations of the city of Norfolk and presented our distinct approach to HRT to impress them. In the Spring of 2018, we were awarded this project and began to work with this prestigious brand in Hampton Roads

Imacs Hrt

The most important objective for this project was to transform the existing site from a marketing-focused website to a customer service-focused site. The original site was used more often to communicate to the board of directors and to convey marketing information with less emphasis on customer service.

Macbook Hrt

HRT desired to provide the customer with a relaxed experience that enabled the customers to plan trips and to check schedules. There was a focus within the design process to ensure that access via mobile device access was prioritized.
Within the project, three different groups were engaged. We started by presenting the design options to the client and integrated feedback into subsequent design cycles. When the model screens were presented, we ensure that all of the design components satisfied the collective design aesthetics of the stakeholders.

Casestudy Home HRT

We are confident that this will be one of the various projects that we will do for Hampton Roads Transit. We love and appreciate this partnership, and we are incredibly excited about this new feather in our cap.
Visit HRT’s website! Cheers from Team TechArk!


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