Hosting and Maintenance

Customized to fit your business needs

TechArk provides standalone or package options for web hosting and maintenance plans. Don’t have a need to completely redesign your site, no worries! We can still help with web maintenance plans and a variety of hosting options.

Web Hosting Infrastructures

TechArk engages a range of web hosting infrastructure for our clients including:

  • Virtual private servers (VPS).
  • Cloud computing (including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud computing technologies).
  • Maintained data centers/company servers.

Whatever your needs and budget, we will set you up with a system that both works for you now and can scale as you do.

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Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support

Simply need help maintaining your website? No problem. We provide web maintenance packages that can be customized to fit your needs and when you need us, reach out to our support team and get a response from a real, live human within 24-48 hours.

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