Custom Software Development

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Increase Productivity With Custom Software

How many different software applications does your business use to manage your Marketing, Sales, IT, HR and Operations? Studies show the average is anywhere from 40 – 140!

Custom software development puts the power back in your hands. Our developers will listen to your wants and needs and create a personalized solution that will streamline your business processes and improve efficiency. As a result, you’ll save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of your products and services, ultimately leading to increased profitability and growth.

Software Solutions to Solve Your Business Challenges

Web Software Development

Companies come to us when they want to find ways to automate their manual business processes and decrease costs. If you are still using Excel sheets and various tools to manage your company and team processes, we can help. We will assess your company and team challenges first, provide a solution, hand-code software precisely to your specifications, then stick around to keep it up-to-date.

Cloud Software Development

With the advent of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, the world of technology has changed dramatically. You can instantly leverage the benefits around security, scalability, and extremely competitive prices to boost your bottom line. If you are still hosting servers or software applications within your office or a local data center, let us guide you in the world of Cloud Computing and how you can move faster, do more, and save money with IaaS and PaaS platforms.

Software Integration

Most businesses use specialized software services for different departments. This creates silos in your company because crucial business data sits in different websites and databases that don’t talk to each other. Your employees may be wasting hundreds of hours due to inefficient, disconnected systems. If you want to integrate systems like your CRM, marketing automation tool, accounting system, project management suite, HR portal, or others – TechArk can help.

Software Maintenance

A big part of any software development project is the maintenance phase. With TechArk’s proven and unparalleled support, our team will continue to keep your systems updated and functioning. Our dedicated, global support team is available around the clock to address any problems. We take care of software updates, daily backups, and incorporating new technology enhancements so you can focus on your business.

Automation Software

The problem with having different software systems running in different departments within your company is that they just weren’t built to communicate with each other. TechArk’s software engineers not only understand the languages each system “speaks,” they can create automation software that not only gets all of them to “talk” to each other, but also to perform manual or redundant tasks quickly to reduce potential errors and increase overall efficiency.

Progressive Web Apps

Help your site visitors get the most out of their online experience with you. The goal of a progressive web app is to make the user’s experience as seamless as possible, no matter what device or platform your visitors are using. TechArk can put that power in your hands more cost-effectively than by creating a custom app (although we can do that, too).


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Promises Realized: The Power of a Custom Solution

New software purchases always come with the promise of greater efficiency. But very often the promise doesn’t pay off. Often businesses realize too late that the staff time and resources to integrate the new software outweigh its expected benefits.

Our software engineers, programmers, and maintenance team work together to ensure that each software solution will address your pain points, help to increase productivity, and maintain the functionality expected to meet our standards, and yours.

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Benefits of Custom Software Integration

We Put Technology to Work in Your Business

Increased Productivity

Automate and streamline specific business processes to reduce reliance on manual labor and repetitive tasks.

Scalability & Flexibility

Design a software solution that can grow and adapt to the changing needs of your unique business.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage features and functions that give your business a competitive edge in delivering a better customer experience.

Improved Data Security

Reduce the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access with security features custom built to your data sensitivities.

What to Expect / Our Process

Our proven process ensures your software is delivered on time and on budget.
You will also enjoy the speed at which we communicate with you. We strive to delight our customers.

Phase 1

Discovery & Estimate

Phase 2

Design & Development

Phase 3

Testing & Launch

Phase 4

Training & Support

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    We have helped many customers with their app solutions. We have a proven Discovery Process which will answer a lot of your questions. We will also collect the most important needs and provide you an estimate. Schedule a quick call here.

    We have experience with various software technologies. Our approach is to craft the business solution first and then whether we need to build mobile apps, web applications, cloud apps or software integration, we will guide you with all of that.

    Absolutely. You can visit our Portfolio page to see all our work including the software solutions we have developed. Here is a link to our Google Reviews so you can see what our customers are saying. We can also certainly connect you with specific customers as references.

    Based on the various projects we have worked on, the minimum timeframe for any software project is at least 4 months. Depending upon your specific solution, this timeframe will vary. Once we commit to a timeline, we work extremely hard to meet it.

    We can support either Waterfall or Agile methodologies. The main goal is to define the requirements clearly, produce user-friendly designs and then develop the solution while we continuously test our work.

    At the beginning of the project, we assign a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

    Absolutely. Most of the customers we have worked with have continued to stay on with us for support and ongoing maintenance. We are proactively updating the solutions to make sure everything continues to work effectively.

    We have migrated and maintained many such applications for our customers. We are extremely strong at understanding existing code and helping you maintain and extend it further.

    Yes, most certainly. Based on what you need, we can build a dedicated team of software architects, programmers, testing professionals, designers and project managers. We also offer pricing tiers.

    Every business including ours has various processes. Many times, older ways of doing things result in paper or spreadsheet based solutions which are quite inefficient. We can develop custom solutions to streamline your processes. This will in turn help you in growing your business because you will reduce costs and increase productivity.

    A typical software project we work on takes at least 4 months of work. We will be assigning various members of our team to work on your project. All our proposals are based on the hours we will be spending on your project. Different resources on the team have a different hourly rate. In most cases, we can give you a fixed-cost proposal once we have completed the high-level Discovery phase.

    We are delighted to hear that. The next steps are super simple, you can either schedule a call quickly or get in touch with our team by filling out this simple form here.

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